Investing in Ercolina tube and pipe bending machines is a solid investment toward the future of your business. Learn more about how Ercolina’s mandrel bending machines and hydraulic benders can improve bend efficiency and reduce material usage and expense.

Mandrel Bending Machines

Exhaust pipe system designs typically must have tight radii because of the limited area available. Adding difficulty to bending is the use of thin wall materials by automotive designers to reduce automobile weight thereby reducing fuel consumption.

Using an Ercolina mandrel bender with a wiper die when bending thin wall tube is necessary to minimize ovality that occurs on the tube and eliminate wrinkles on the inside radius of the bend.

Exhaust Pipe Benders

Ercolina mandrel machines ideal for bending exhaust include 030 Mandrel Bender, TM76 Mandrel Bender, Erco Bender 76 and GB90 Giga Bender.

Exhaust Pipe Benders