Aviation & Aerospace

Do you face extreme challenges in your aviation mandrel tube bending requirements? Fabricating complex shapes using hard or difficult to bend tubing materials is easy for Ercolina’s fully automated Giga Bender CNC series. We offer models with up to 10 axis CNC control. Heavy steel structure improves rigidity and minimizes vibration.

Increase efficiency & reduce scrap

Bend-Tech for Ercolina offers convenient layout software. When used with Ercolina’s mandrel tube benders, programmable repeatable bending is achieved reducing layout costs and eliminating unnecessary material scrap.

Aviation & Aerospace Bending Applications
Ercolina mandrel bending machines are ideal for industrial bending of tube, pipe, square and rectangular profiles to a center line radius as small as 1.5 x diameter.
Our GB130T CNC Twin Head bending machines offer right and left-hand bending controls to 10 axis.